We cater to women, we invite everyone.

We are centered around helping remote workers do their BEST work and connect with others. We support our community through curated events, networking opportunities and member's clubs that are geared towards many interests and hobbies. We have great amenities and you can choose a plan that works for you! We have floating memberships, dedicated desks, private offices, meeting rooms, and so much more! Sign up for a tour today!

Be Inspired. Be Inspiring. Bee a Queen!

Let's get started, shall we?

Our services

  • Workspace

    Members have 24/7365 access to open space, 6 meeting rooms, a fitness area, 4 kitchens, 4 phone booths, and over 60 private offices. Our #1 goal is to make working here better than working from home.

  • Meeting Rooms

    Real-time availability from 6 meeting room options. Request and manage your bookings online. Share booking hours with your team, or add more hours if you need them.

  • Online Member Network

    Members connect on the online forum. And members can access our private FB members-only community page to get up-to-date information!

  • Benefits & Discounts

    We welcome partnerships and discounts from local businesses that we can share with our members. Email: [email protected]

  • Let's Get Together!

    Check our Event's Calendar for "what's on when"!

Our plans

Our additional products

  • Day Pass

    This is the daily rate for stopping by to work. This is the pay-per-use for an all day pass.

    $30.00Get it now
  • Private Office for 1 Day

    Rent a Private Office for 1 Day - This office (for 1 person) abuts a workspace with dedicated desks for full-time members and is not completely soundproof. Please use headphones when on a call or Zoom meeting. Please be aware of sound levels.

    $70.00Get it now
  • Private Office for 1 Week

    Rent a private office for 1 Week - This is for 1 person to use a private office for 1 week.

    $200.00Get it now